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“PS Nutrac implements cutting edge agricultural technologies for efficiency in food production to ensure food security. "

PS Nutraceuticals (PS Nutrac) was established with the vision “eat right, live longer”. Our mission is “to ensure food is the drug we eat to live healthier and longer”. Our core markets of operation will initially be Nigeria. PS Farms is a subsidiary of PS Nutrac. PS Farms will set up, manage, and maintain farms for premium crops to cater to local and international markets.

Our Capabilicities are Pioneering agricultural technology to ensure food security, Research and development for more uses for agricultural produce, Educating the public on Agriculture, Nutrition and Health and Providing alternative medicine through nutrition.

The current global economy is beset by several challenges. Key among them is the slow down of the commodities sector. For any country and sub-saharan Africa at large, which are heavily dependent on resource extraction and export to fuel growth, this portends immediate danger for their respective economies. Diversification is the key to ameliorating the current economic situation we find ourselves in. Agriculture can be a key driver of economic growth going forward.

Merging agriculture with technology is the key to increased efficiency in the sector. Increased efficiency will lead to food self-sufficiency and in turn will create excess which can be exported, generate foreign exchange, and bolster our economy. Aeroponics, is one of the most recent agricultural technologies. Plants can be planted in the air without soil and applying minimal water usage. We have managed to refine this technology and have successfully tested it on over 200 different plants/crops.

O.P. Okocha Jr. & O. Samson


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Our Mission

To ensure food is the drug we eat to live healthier and longer.

Our Vision

Our Vision at PS NUTRACT is to Eat right, live longer.

We love ideas

We Love to Provide Alternative Medecine through Nutrition

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