PS Nutraceuticals (PS Nutrac) was established with the vision “eat right, live longer”. Our mission is “to ensure food is the drug we eat to live healthier and longer”. Our core markets of operation will initially be Nigeria .

PS Nutrac implements cutting edge agricultural technologies for efficiency in food production to ensure food security.

Untapped Opportunities

PS Farms and our network of farmers, empowered with our technology systems, will grow fresh organic produce.

Our technology systems introduce greater control and certainty to the supply of produce, which will improve trading opportunities.

The Problem We Try Solve


Implement latest technologies such as hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics to improve farming efficiency.

Research & Development

Research, development, and education to provide alternative medicine through nutrition.

Training & Education

Train, support, and collaborate with farmers to ensure standardization and quality of crop production.

Alternative Medecine

We are actively finding ways to provide alternative medicine through nutrition.

Latest news